A Harry Potter Day in London

The lights are dim on the 9+ hour flight back to the states. The occasional cough here or there on the full plane, the restless stirrings and mumblings of fellow passengers signal that all READ ON

Erasing the “Ugly American” Moniker Overseas

We live in interesting times. International travel is nothing like it was just 20 years ago. I remember when there were no security gates. Computer technology and the internet have brought on a more READ ON

Stories Hold the Power to Change Lives

Since I’ve been talking about movies and stories this week, I thought I would share this interesting Tedtalk on the Power of a Story. This should inspire all writers, indeed everyone young and old, to READ ON

In a Judgmental World How Do We Find Our Movie Star Mojo

There is a scene in the old movie, Bridget Jones Diary that I absolutely love. It is the scene that the plot turns on. Bridget Jones has just done an appalling job as a READ ON

TIPS for Snorkeling

I absolutely adore snorkeling. Despite my story about the reef shark we encountered, I find it to be one of the MOST relaxing and rewarding sports to engage in. Of course, having a great READ ON

Close Encounters in the Wild World of Animals

Unlike Ted, my encounters with the wild animal kingdom are somewhat more complicated, and I am certainly no incarnate St. Francis of Assisi. Still, I have had experiences similar to his where they’ve come READ ON