An Homage to Toilet Paper and the Romanticism of Train Travel

With the increasing chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff sound as they leave the station, the billowing smoke and steam out their stacks, the chink, chink sound of the wheels on the tracks, and the lonely READ ON

The Practice of Encouragement in our Schools, Workplaces, and in Our Writing

Encouragement can take many forms, from sitting with a friend in the hospital to sticking up for someone who’s been bullied. In many situations it’s a learned skill. As an author of a novel for READ ON

Famous Political Activists Who Overcame Adversity

I’m enjoying studying famous people and learning more about the adversities, they overcame to become amazing contributors to society. Today, I thought I would look at three giants who endured some of the worst to READ ON

Lessons From The Walking Dead: How to Thrive Not Just Survive

I got word this week: I am cancer-free. The news is still sinking in. For anyone who has been through cancer, there is the magical five-year mark. If a cancer survivor can make it through READ ON