How To Be James Bond Cool

The first time I ever read an Ian Fleming novel, I turned each page anticipating the campiness of Roger Moore to shine through the intrigue. He had after all been my introduction to Bond, READ ON

Rogue the Dogue On Counter Intelligence

Contrary to popular belief, counter intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with the CIA, the KGB, the Mossad or any other spy network in the globe. It does however have everything to do with READ ON

What We Find in the Heart of the Sea

Throughout the ages, a thirst for oil has turned normal men into wicked, hungry killers. A young soldier who returned from the Gulf War sat in one of my husband’s history classes and affirmed READ ON

What We Can Learn From the Animal Kingdom

It required a tremendous amount of patience, but the reward was so much greater than we could have ever imagined. It began in spring with a baby squirrel in our neighbor’s front yard in READ ON

To Save a Mockingbird

Armed with only a newspaper, Atticus kept vigil outside the jailhouse as the lynch mob prepared to take the accused black man, Tom, by force. Scout, Jem, and Dill looked on in secret, until READ ON