Bad Moms: A Funny Look at the Myths of Multitasking

“In this day and age it’s impossible to be a good mom.” It’s the rallying cry of one of the summer’s funniest films: Bad Moms. The story centers around one woman, whose life is READ ON

Rotisserie Soup: How to Choose Your Authentic Life Path

Ted’s taking my blog again. Yeah!! We’re a great team. Ahh, Fall is, at least date wise, upon us!! And this coming week, it is supposed to start feeling like Fall! I love the READ ON

How to Build a Solid Foundation for Lasting Relationships – The Na’vi Way

Ted and I adopted a saying in our house several years ago. We use it when we want to communicate with each other on a deeper, sometimes painful, other times joyful level. We also READ ON

Great Foodie Movie with a Dash of Indian Flavor: Today’s Special

“Cumin is a saucy wench. She’ll give you great pleasure, but she herself is never satisfied.” It’s just a simple, great line from a movie that had me laughing from the start. I’m addicted READ ON

India’s Water in the Desert and Other Blessings

Deep in the heart of India’s desert, in an area known as Rajasthan, lies an oasis: The Tree of Life. And while the land and mountains around it are stark and harsh, the resort READ ON

How to Retrain Our Brains to See the Good

According to social media and a lot of what we see in the news, every corner of the earth is a ticking time bomb. But is that really true? It’s easy to fall into READ ON

Reanimating Your Life According to Young Frankenstein

Recognizing that we have them and owning them, are only the first steps in overcoming obstacles and weaknesses in order to pursue our passions. Unfortunately, it’s typically not just a one shot encounter with those limitations, either. READ ON