The Miracle of the Dog

The older I get, the more intense my sense of wonder becomes. Unless I’m distracted by the tyranny of the urgent, thus loosing my focus on the important (which happens too often), the more READ ON

Pearls of Wisdom from Rogue the Dogue

Deep below the ocean’s surface on the northwestern shores of Australia, lie beds teaming with Australian South Sea Pearl Oysters. These are the premier pearl-producing oysters of the world. Some have fetched over a READ ON

Millie the Wonderdog and Her Attitude of Gratitude

Ted’s taking the blog for me again this week so that I can work on post-conference edits. You rock, BB! thanks! Our three dogs have very distinct, wonderful personalities. Rogue the Dogue, our big, READ ON

Rogue on Peace, Love, and a Little Black Book

Rogue the Dogue and his infamous Little Black Book are legendary. Of all the dogs we’ve had during our married lives, he is the gentle giant. He’s THAT dog that who is so quiet READ ON

Puppy’s First Christmas: It’s Gonna Be a Sassy One

A puppy’s first Christmas is always loads of fun. This will be Sassy’s first Christmas and already her curious mind and insatiable appetite are coming together in interesting and creative ways. When Blossom, her predecessor, READ ON

Living Like Millie the Wonderdog with Radical Joy

“Every joy is beyond all others. The fruit we are eating is always the best fruit of all.” This quote from C.S. Lewis sums up joy fairly readily. Joy is an in-the-moment experience. I, READ ON

Training to Live: 7 Tips from Training Sassy

I just returned from a writers’ conference. These meetings are a love/hate event. Inevitably, when I return home, my emotions are a mixed bag of overwrought angst and energized excitement. I also know that READ ON

Relationships According to the Canine

He sat across from the breakfast table, dressed in his uniform that marked his proficiency in training. “We need to work on your, ‘BAH!’ Have you had singing lessons?” Tom asked me. “Yes, I have.” READ ON

Why We Need Each Other: Our Own Incredible Journey

Luath, Bodger, and Tao are the most unlikely group of friends. Everyone knows that cats and dogs are presumed mortal enemies. And yet, these three animals band together to overcome insurmountable odds. Luath is READ ON