Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to Fulfillment

Jared Grace is disillusioned when we pick up in the middle of his story. His parents have just divorced and with no alternative place to live, his mother moves him, his twin brother, and READ ON

Enzo’s Guide to Being More Observant in Life: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Enzo is a master storyteller and philosopher, who in facing his imminent death, recalls the memories of a life well-lived. In the recalling, he rests, satisfied that he fulfilled his purpose and finished the READ ON

Lessons on War From an Animal of Peace: War Horse

As I wrote on Monday of the gentlest creature on earth, the manatee, and of their slow but determined way of existence, their peaceful sentience, and their remarkable ability to both understand and communicate, READ ON

Is It a Jungle Out There? – Rudyard Kipling’s Code to Live By

I saw this announcement on the news recently: “Marietta Plans Active Shooter Training for Teachers.” Mass shootings across the states aside, this short blurb hit me in such a profound way. Seeing video clips READ ON


A boy whose childhood past is so horrific you only get snippets of it through the course of the story until the final, culminating end. He’s spent time between middle school and the beginning READ ON

What We Find in the Heart of the Sea

Throughout the ages, a thirst for oil has turned normal men into wicked, hungry killers. A young soldier who returned from the Gulf War sat in one of my husband’s history classes and affirmed READ ON