In Honor of Smiley, the Blind Therapy Dog

Today’s post is in loving honor of Smiley, the blind therapy dog, who gave his heart and soul to hundreds of thousands of people, near and far. After many years of serving his community, READ ON

The Difference is in the Details

I work part-time as a merchandise manager for the premier cooking store in Atlanta. Last week we had our annual training day at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart. Some of the training courses were not READ ON

Thoughts on Weathering the Coming Storm

When I think of my hometown of Atlanta, hurricane zone doesn’t readily spring to mind. Mild tropical storms, yes. We’re close enough to coasts on two sides that it’s not unreasonable to get the READ ON

Thoughts on Family, Friends, and Tribes

I was at a writer’s conference this weekend, sitting in a class about world building in speculative fiction. I learned a lot in this class, but there was one sentence that stuck out among READ ON

When Common Sense Fails

Ted’s taking the blog for me today and it’s awesome, filled with some fascinating historical facts that lead to an obvious conclusion that sometimes common sense fails. Hope you’ll take the time to read READ ON

Waste Not, Want Not: A Marvel in Efficiency

For three years, Ted and I lived in Amish country. It truly was an enlightening time for us. For we had grown up believing that innovation and technology rendered old ways obsolete. We’d come READ ON

A Cultural Lesson Learned from San Miguel de Allende

As my work hours in merchandise management increase, Ted graciously took the blog for me today and, WOW, was that the greatest gift ever. Not just for me in how it lessened my workload, READ ON

When Success Becomes Numbers Game

Have you had a stressful week lately? Last week was very stressful for me. I’d been contacted about job I really wanted. The first interview, with the person I would be reporting to. He READ ON

Cream of the Crop: The Problem with Cultural Homogeneity

We’ve been buying non-homogenized milk from a local farmer lately because it is so much tastier and healthier than the stuff we buy in the grocery store. We also love watching the cream separate READ ON