Big Cities, Cheap Stays = More Play Dough

Big cities like London, Paris, New York, Rome, and San Francisco usually come with big prices for hotel stays. For instance just a quick dash on Expedia showed hotel prices starting at $315/night for Manhattan. READ ON

Riding In Cars With…Dogs: Thursday’s TIPs

Every year gas prices rise as we approach Memorial Day weekend. This year is no different. Demand drives up price. Still with a national average of about $2.71/gallon, the prices are almost a buck READ ON

The One Essential Key to Visiting Paris You Simply Must Know

Paris, the city of rose-colored lights, stunning views, and romance. In Paris, history and modernity, intelligence and artistry, all dance the passionate dance of love, so that even the oldest building or the weightiest READ ON

An Homage to Toilet Paper and the Romanticism of Train Travel

With the increasing chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff sound as they leave the station, the billowing smoke and steam out their stacks, the chink, chink sound of the wheels on the tracks, and the lonely READ ON