Owen Meany’s Lesson on Heroism

The story’s setting is, fittingly, Gravesend, New Hampshire. Young boys, John Wheelwright and Owen Meany, are best friends. But Owen is a bit different. He’s a dwarf, his skin has a rather luminous glow READ ON

In Honor of Smiley, the Blind Therapy Dog

Today’s post is in loving honor of Smiley, the blind therapy dog, who gave his heart and soul to hundreds of thousands of people, near and far. After many years of serving his community, READ ON

Some of the Best Anti-heroes on Being an Anti-hero

Anti-heroes are protagonists that are heroes, but lack all the typical characteristics of heroism, like idealism, noble courage, and morals. Many anti-heroes do the right things but for the wrong reason. Readers and viewers READ ON

The Difference is in the Details

I work part-time as a merchandise manager for the premier cooking store in Atlanta. Last week we had our annual training day at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart. Some of the training courses were not READ ON

Thoughts on Weathering the Coming Storm

When I think of my hometown of Atlanta, hurricane zone doesn’t readily spring to mind. Mild tropical storms, yes. We’re close enough to coasts on two sides that it’s not unreasonable to get the READ ON

The Saving Grace of Joe: A Look at Joe vs the Volcano

Ted’s taking the blog for me AGAIN this week. He’s my saving grace. Although it was over twenty years ago, I remember it like yesterday: the single funniest movie experience of my life. We’d READ ON

Millie the Wonderdog and Her Attitude of Gratitude

Ted’s taking the blog for me again this week so that I can work on post-conference edits. You rock, BB! thanks! Our three dogs have very distinct, wonderful personalities. Rogue the Dogue, our big, READ ON