Something Rotten This Way Comes

Ted’s taking the blog for me this week, and as is his natural bent, he’s exploring the world of food. Thanks Ted. The journey through the history of food has taught me oh so READ ON

You’ve Got Mail – Taking on Big Business in Farming

There are several books and movies that I would highly, highly recommend regarding our food sourcing in this country, including Fast Food Nation, Cowspiracy, Food, Inc., More Than Honey, Farmageddon, Ingredients: The Local Food READ ON

3 Lessons I Learned From a Psych Ward

She said, “I love Gerber daisies, because they always look so happy,” when I visited this stranger with straight brunette hair. We chatted like old girlfriends. She wore a simple pull-over shift dress and READ ON

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to Fulfillment

Jared Grace is disillusioned when we pick up in the middle of his story. His parents have just divorced and with no alternative place to live, his mother moves him, his twin brother, and READ ON

The History and Lore of Fairies: Fact or Fiction

Monthly Magical Monday has rolled around again. I love when these weeks come by as I get to explore the history and lore surrounding mythical creatures. This time we are looking at a race READ ON